Space technology will help Putin control the regions

Modern space technology is activelypenetrate into all spheres of human activity, they came to the government. Using high-resolution images taken from space, the president will be able to monitor real-time events in the regions, the stages of major construction projects, the dynamics of work in agriculture and the repair of roads.

The project received the sonorous name of "Gosudarevo Eye", explained by the "good vision" of the system controlling the entire infrastructure of Russia.
The Russian president will have full access to the system,which will help monitor the implementation of important projects in all regions of the country, without going to the field. At the same time, the head of state will be able to monitor how much the real state of affairs coincides with the reports of those responsible for the implementation of the project.

Along with Putin, access to the system “Gosudarevoeye ”will receive cabinet members. The system has a high resolution. On the table of the head of state will take pictures of the territory with a length of one meter, which will allow to observe all the processes occurring at work sites, at construction sites and in agriculture.

Currently, Roskosmos claims that the Gosudarevo Oko project is at the initial stage and there is no accurate information about the management and financing of the project.