Space Hotel Aurora Station promises to open in 2021

Want to see 16 times the sun rises andsunsets in a day? Feel your body effects of microgravity and enjoy the fantastic views of our planet from the side? It is likely that in 2021 you will have such an opportunity. True, in the presence of 9.5 million dollars. It is precisely this amount that the American company Orion Span estimates the opportunity to spend 12 days aboard the Aurora Station, the first luxury space hotel to be opened in 2 years.

Space Hotel Aurora Station willbe a modular station where 6 people can accommodate - 4 tourists and 2 crew members. It is assumed that it will be in low Earth orbit at an altitude of 320 km.

"Our goal is to make spaceaccessible to all. After the Aurora Station is put into orbit, its operation will begin immediately, providing an opportunity to see space with my own eyes for much less cost than ever, ”says Frank Bunger, general manager of Aurora Station and founder of Orion Span.

Of course the price is almost 10 million dollars forrest in Earth orbit goes far beyond the budget of any other two-week rest on Earth, but Orion Span is sure that the hotel will be in great demand, as it can offer a full experience of staying in space for a much smaller amount, which is asked, for example, for staying on ISS. In 2001-2009, the cost of a private trip to each space tourist cost $ 20-40 million, according to Orion Span website.

The dimensions of the Aurora Station are 13.3 by 4.3 meters, whichsimilar to a small private jet. Before the flight to the station, space tourists will have to complete a three-month training course and receive an "Orion Span Astronaut Certificate". All training will be conducted by veterans of space affairs, who have tremendous experience in the orbit of the Earth.

Guests of the hotel will be able to enjoy sunrises,maintain constant video communication with relatives on Earth (promise access to high-speed Wi-Fi), relax in specially designed sleep cells and eat high-quality space rations. In addition, research experiments are planned on board the Aurora Station. For example, there will grow plants that hotel guests can take with them on their return to Earth as a souvenir. After each flight of the Aurora, the entire interior of the hotel will be changed to a new one.

According to the latest data, now Orion Span is looking for investors willing to acquire ownership of part of Aurora Station.

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