“Space gas station” for satellites is being developed in Russia

As the space is "populated" by variousspace objects is becoming increasingly urgent problem of recharging them in orbit. In order to ensure uninterrupted operation of small spacecraft of the Cospas-Sarsat international search and rescue system, as well as satellite transponders of the Internet, video and radio communications, Russia is developing a satellite system design that will serve as the “space gas station”.

Each tanker satellite will accumulateenergy from the Sun and light reflected from the Earth, and the introduction of a refueling system will extend the life of space objects by 1.5 times and will save a lot of money.

Product demo looks similar toflying saucer with a set of equipment attached to the planes. The control system, batteries and a pulse charger based on an ionistor are mounted in the instrument module.
Orbital refueling has now become the subject of development by RSC Energia, NASA and SpaceX.

Source: iz