Space elevator project presented

The idea of ​​creating a space elevator is already more than a hundredyears worries humanity, it was expressed in his works by Tsiolkovsky, and the Soviet engineer Yuri Artsutanov even tried to file a patent application for the elevator. Indeed, the creation of such a system could significantly simplify space exploration, reduce the cost of delivering payloads into orbit by almost 200 times from $ 20,000 per kg to $ 100. However, to implement the idea, ultralight and ultra-strong material will be required, in large enough quantities.

Nevertheless, enthusiasts around the world continuecreate original designs for such vehicles. Another idea of ​​the University of Cambridge students was appreciated by the head of the LiftPort Group corporation, which has been working for more than 15 years on solving the problem of creating an elevator using nanomaterials. According to the head of the corporation, the realization of students' ideas is possible at the current level of technology development.

The idea of ​​Cambridge graduates is toplacing the base station at the equator, and the space station in the geostationary orbit of the Earth. The elevator will move along the ropes, and the stability of the structure is ensured by centrifugal force.

The cost of creating a space elevator is estimated90 billion dollars (at current prices it is equivalent to putting 4.5 million kg of payload into orbit). Currently, the Oboyashi Corporation from Japan is participating in the race to create such a space vehicle, planning to complete the project by 2050. Chinese engineers promise to launch the elevator into space already in 2045. The main problem of all projects is to create materials that can withstand loads, temperature extremes and possible collision with space objects, including space debris.

Source: businessinsider