Space agencies of the United States and Russia will create a near-moon orbital station

As a result of the negotiations of the US space agenciesand Russia reached an agreement on the intentions of joint work on the Space Station Deep Space Gateway, designed to operate in the lunar orbit.

“At the first stage we will build the orbital partwith the further prospect of applying proven technologies on the surface of the Moon, and subsequently - Mars. The conclusion of the first modules is possible in the years 2024-2026, ”Igor Komarov, who heads Roskosmos, commented on the agreement.

The Russian side will create specialmodules, the number of which will vary from one to three. However, the main task assigned to Roskosmos is the creation of a single unified standard for docking stations. Komarov also said that Russia is ready to provide a new super heavy class launch vehicle for putting the station into work orbit.

The size of the technical and financial participation of countries involved in the project will be clarified during further negotiations. Revision of the contract itself will be transferred to the state level.

“Our initiative aboutincreasing the number of countries that will be able to participate in the discussion of this project. It was determined that China, India and other BRICS countries will take part in the joint work on the near-moon station, ”Igor Komarov clarified the situation.

Source: RIA News