Sounded the reason for the departure of the chief designer of Apple (3 photos)

The appearance of modern high-techdevices largely determines the future sales of products, is a key component in the marketing policy of companies. Therefore, the unexpected departure of Apple chief designer Johnny Ive seriously worried not only the fans of the company, but also the stock exchange. Apple shares after this news began to decline in price.

During the journalistic investigations into the reasons for leavingQuince, who has worked for the company for almost 30 years and created the design of almost all the most successful Apple devices, revealed the following details. After the death of Steve Jobs, the new leadership, led by Tim Cook, began to pay less attention to the design of new products, shifting its attention to solving technical and financial problems. As a result, Apple's external "product magic" has become increasingly blurred.

Cool attitude to the design departmentfrustrated John the Quince, who began to ignore meetings in his own unit, which in turn influenced labor discipline and reduced the motivation of workers. As a result, 6 specialists have recently left the design department of Apple, which is about 25% of the entire staff of the department.

Characteristic example of a conflict between designersand marketing was the release of gold Apple Watch Edition, which according to the plans of Quince should have become a prestigious accessory for elite customers. At the same time, according to the designer’s design, the watches were planned as an autonomous product, and not an additional gadget to the iPhone. As a result of the compromise between the technical, marketing and design departments, many thousands of hours at the price of 17 thousand dollars remained in the company's warehouse without finding a buyer.

However, Joni Ive did not completely break ties withApple Organized by LoveFrom’s designer, the bureau will be Apple’s main contractor and will be responsible for developing new product designs in the future. The main task at the present stage is the development of the appearance of glasses for working with augmented reality.