SOS Key Tool is similar to Game Boy, but can steal a car (2 photos)

Developers of modern high-techgadgets are sometimes brought to the market devices that not only make life easier for ordinary users, but also help criminals to commit illegal acts. SOS Autokeys from Bulgaria has released a device remarkably reminiscent of the Nintendo Game Boy popular in the 1990s. The main task of the new SOS Key Tool device is to unlock the locks of modern cars. However, it is possible that car thieves seeking to steal new cars will also be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

The developers assure that they do not want to sellSOS Key Tool for people with "malice". However, it is almost impossible to develop a mechanism for determining the future intentions of buyers. The only limitation for auto makers is the high price of the device, which is about 25 thousand dollars.

The principle of operation of SOS Key Tool is simple and smalldiffers from the devices already used by the hijackers. The owners of the device must go to the car and activate the system by pressing the lock button. The Key Tool scans and records the signal emanating from the car and allows you to provide access to the car in the same way as with a branded authorized remote control. The vehicle will open and start in the same way as with the car owner's corporate key.

It is not clear from the advertisements presented by the companyis the tool available for all car brands and models. So far, it is known for sure that SOS Key Tool is focused on locks for cars from Kia, Hyundai, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Currently, SOS Autokeys has removed ads for the gadget from its website and YouTube channel.

Source: thedrive

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