Sony's new IMX686 sensor shows high-quality photos (12 photos + video)

Sony developers are actively working onthe creation of the new IMX686 sensor, which should replace the popular IMX586, which once became one of the first 48-megapixel sensors. According to insiders, the resolution of the new sensor will reach 60-64 megapixels.

You can get acquainted with the capabilities of the IMX686 sensorfor example photos taken with the new device. Meanwhile, Sony has carefully concealed more detailed sensor specifications.

A teaser video posted online showsphotos taken by the sensor, but the company did not publish the pictures themselves in full resolution. However, even from the presented video, we can conclude that the sensor has a very good dynamic range and high-quality color reproduction.

Sony specialists during a demothe video was shot using a test board with a sensor connected to a computer, and the phone shown in the video was an ordinary layout. The IMX686 sensor will be launched on the market in 2020.

Source: gsmarena