Sony will expand the production of mobile cameras

Each of the leading corporations developingpromising smartphone models, creates its own plan to conquer the market, using its own technological developments. During a report for the second fiscal quarter of 2019, which ends on September 30 in Japan, Sony said it would focus on expanding its division developing and manufacturing high-tech sensors for mobile camera devices.

During the report, it was stated that the companyoutlines strategic investments in the construction of a new plant based on the existing technology center in Nagasaki Prefecture. Total investments in new production will amount to about 918 million dollars, and the new complex should be launched by April 2021.

According to Sony management, manufacturerssmartphones increase the share of large-sized and multi-sensor cameras in devices, which leads to an ever-growing demand for corporation products. To meet demand, the company also planned in the near future to dramatically increase the production of sensors for mobile devices, increasing production from today's volumes of 100 thousand units per month, to 138 thousand units in March 2021. Sony Corporation plans to capture 60% of the photomatrix market by March 31, 2026 (end of fiscal year in Japan).