Sony unveils PlayStation 5 user interface (video)

Sony continues to prepare gamingcommunity for the upcoming start of sales of the PlayStation 5 consoles. A video showing one of the most mysterious parts of the project - the console interface has appeared on the official page of the PlayStation unit on YouTube. The developers not only showed the appearance of the interface, but also explained how it works, talked about updates and new features.

The PlayStation 5 interface we worked onexperts from the USA, England and Japan have undergone dramatic changes and have become much more practical. From now on, players will be able to immediately see installed and available games. Games available in streaming services will be displayed on a separate tab.

Using scrolling in the game tab,the user gets access to a variety of actions and a selection of game modes, launched directly from the main screen. Access to gaming news and promotional videos related to the selected game is also available. This functionality will also be available for some backward compatible PS4 games.

Sony experts are experimenting withusing the Explore menu, which will display company and PlayStation news, announcement videos and the most popular videos on gaming. This part of the interface is undergoing testing and will not be publicly available when the PlayStation 5 launches.

In the Control Center menu,Accessible at any time by pressing the PlayStation button, users will be able to work with system tools such as view notifications, list of online friends, manage music, manage console and controller settings, and view download status. The introduction of a ribbon of cards will allow the player to keep abreast of events in the gaming industry, receive information about achievements and news, and view screenshots.

There are separate cards in the cards menuActivities, which are intended to describe a specific game application, level or mode. This is a kind of news feed for the gameplay and at the same time a game guide showing the necessary information. Here, for example, you can find out how long it will take to complete the level and the tasks facing the player.

For individual games and tasks will be availableThe official Game Help information for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Here the player will receive hints, will be able to watch a demo that helps to pass the difficult stages of the game. In this case, access to help can be obtained without leaving the game, using the "Picture in Picture" function.

More opportunities open up forlovers of group passing games. The game screen can be shared with other players in the group. In addition, the PlayStation Store is integrated into the software, making it easier and faster to work with it. Some interesting innovations are also available for streamers, who will be able to “blur” certain parts of the game world from the “Control Center” in order to save players from spoilers.

Source: theverge