Sony shared the first official details about the console PlayStation 5

It's no secret that Sony is already in full swingworking on a new PlayStation home gaming console. In principle, it's time. The original PlayStation 4 went for the sixth year. Last October, the company's president, Kenichiro Yoshida, said that after the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro in the new “extremely” prefix, you must have “a very powerful technological and hardware stuffing of a new generation.” Since that time, for obvious reasons, the company has said nothing more about the new set-top box, shifting the focus to new exclusive games for the current generation, such as Days Gone, Dreams and The Last of Us Part II. But the other day the Japanese giant has finally delivered new official details about the PlayStation 5 (the name is unofficial, it is not yet known how the company will name the new generation of the console).

In an exclusive interview with Wired magazinePlayStation 4 system architect Mark Zernie noted that the company has not been working on the regular update of the current generation of the PS4 for the last four years, despite the fact that many people may think so. And the truth is that the current generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles has already been “refreshed” several times due to the release of the PlayStation 4 Slim, Pro and Xbox One S and X.

“The key issue here is the tasksPrefixes: just add to your gaming experience, which you already get, one more layer, or suggest fundamental changes in what new games can be on it, ”said Cernie.

The new prefix, according to Zern, is being developed with the emphasis of the second approach. That is, we expect a truly new generation of home gaming console.

In the same interview, Cernie confirmed earlierThe rumored that the new console will use the third generation of eight-core AMD Ryzen processors built on the 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. Paired with this processor will be the new Radeon Navi graphical architecture that can offer support for ray tracing - solutions for creating realistic lighting, reflections and shadows, providing a higher level of realism compared to traditional rendering methods. Recall that at the moment the hardware support for this technology is available only in the most productive gaming personal computers. In addition, the new hardware of the new generation console will offer support for multi-directional three-dimensional sound. Its feature will be the ability to carry out sound positioning even without a suitable external sound system for the user.

A new generation of console will also receive support8K-resolution and will use the SSD-drive instead of a regular hard drive, which will significantly reduce the load time and drawing levels in games. Zerny supported his words with a demonstration of the Insomniac Spider-Man game by first launching it on the PlayStation 4 Pro and then on a new console, showing that the time to move quickly from one point to another can be reduced from 15 seconds (on PS4 Pro ) up to 0.8 seconds (on PS5).

For those who have collected a large collection of games forfor its PlayStation 4, Cernie also had some good news. First, the new console will get backward compatibility with “old” games, since its architecture will be similar to the architecture of the PlayStation 4. Secondly, the new console will support the current version of the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset. Does the company plan to release a new guarantee - Zernie did not specify, but added that the new console will have the support of physical media (discs) like the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. By the way, according to the latest information from Microsoft, Sony's main competitor in the gaming direction, the company plans to soon release a cheaper version of the Xbox One S console, which does not have a Blue-ray drive.

Overall, Sony decided to keep the newthe console, all those things that, in her opinion, as well as the opinion of her customers, turned out to be important for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro (this is indicated by sales, which significantly outperform the Microsoft Xbox One line of consoles).

About when a new generation gaming consolePlayStation 5 (or whatever it will be called there) will appear on the market - unfortunately, there is still no information. The profile game editions all as one report that it is not worth waiting for a new console before 2020. Sony itself has indirectly confirmed this, having previously announced that it will not participate this year at E3, the world's largest annual exhibition and show of the video game industry. In any case, when the new console appears on the market, it will have to face again a competitor from Microsoft, because the latter will not be long in coming either. In addition, the growing market for cloud gaming streaming services leads the game for gamers. For example, this year should launch Google's Stadia. At the start of the service will be available in 30 countries (unfortunately not in the list of Russia).

According to Google Vice President Phil Harrison,Stadia will offer instant access to the game without having to download or install any games. According to the company, Google’s very powerful game data center will allow subscribers of the service to stream games to their devices in 4K resolution with a frame rate of 60 Hz. It is assumed that the games will be available for various devices: laptops, desktops, TVs, tablets and phones. The cost of the subscription, as stated by the company, will be known later.

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