Sony Secret Project - New Game Console? (2 photos)

Actions of developers of top companies areunder the constant supervision of insiders and fans of the brand. Engineers and specialists involved in the development of Sony gaming equipment are particularly closely monitored. Once again, a hint of innovations in the PlayStation division was revealed on the network.

Information about the unusual, previously nowherethe mentioned device, which is possibly being developed in the bowels of the PlayStation division, was discovered as a result of a patent search on the website of the National Institute of Industrial Property of Brazil (INPI). Such a novelty turned out to be a cartridge unusual for modern consoles design, referring us to the first game consoles of the Dendy class.

For the second time, Brazil's patent officeregisters a device from Sony developers related to the gaming industry. Earlier, an application for a new design of the PlayStation 5 was revealed here.

Thick Cartridge Discovered Patentowned by Sony art director, usually working on products under the PlayStation brand. The appearance of a new class of cartridges may indicate a possible secret project by Sony, which is preparing a surprise for gamers in the form of a new class of consoles.

Source: smzdm