Sony patented tactile gloves for VR games (2 photos)

Virtual reality is entering our field.entertainment, capturing elements of fiction, tied to a real life. World companies producing high-tech products, including computer equipment, help humanity to create fairy tales. For example, Sony is planning a revolution in the world of virtual reality. Since the beginning of 2019, she has registered two patents for the headset, and quite the latest news - VR-gloves have been protected.

The description says that the device is made withso that the sensors included in the design will transmit the sensation of touching virtual objects using “tactile feedback”. Users will be able to feel not only the texture of objects, but also the shape or force of pressure. The next generation of gamers will be able to feel more their affiliation to the virtual world and feel like a full participant in the gameplay.

In addition, Sony does not intend to stopgloves, and plans to release a whole set of clothes with the function of tactile feedback, consisting of a helmet, shirt and shoes. This will allow interested parties to immerse themselves in the game so much that they will physically feel what is happening in the virtual: touches, explosions, and so on. But for now this is only a patent, which in the end may remain on paper.