Sony has officially unveiled the characteristics of the PlayStation 5

Sony has officially disclosed data ontechnical characteristics of the future PlayStation 5 game console. The announced parameters have confirmed numerous leaks that have previously leaked to the Internet. Details about the capabilities of the long-awaited console told one of the leading developers of the PlayStation Mark Cernie.

The hardware part of the PlayStation 5 is represented by 83rd generation AMD Ryzen core processor, built on the 7-nm Zen 2 process technology. The graphics processor belongs to the AMD Radeon Navi series, which supports ray tracing and 8K resolution. The soundtrack will use innovative 3D audio technology. The built-in SSD-drive will speed up rendering and reduce content loading time. All games developed for the previous PlayStation 4 and future models will be supported by the PlayStation VR virtual reality helmet.

The release of new items is likely to be planned for 2020. The price has not been disclosed yet.