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Sony Digital Paper Review, A Convenient and Expensive Tablet Notebook

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Unlike the previous Sony Digital Paper modelincludes a high-resolution display, it makes handwritten notes more accurate and has the ability to transfer documents to a PC or Mac over the wireless network.

  • What is Sony Digital Paper?
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Tablet features
  • The convenience of use
  • Functional stylus
  • Software
  • Price and warranty
  • Alternative
  • Should I buy?
  • What is Sony Digital Paper?

    Like its predecessor, Digital Paperintended for those engaged in legal or professional activities, as well as an ideal device for reading, editing or commenting PDF documents. However, its price is very high - $ 700 ($ 43,500).

    Slim and lightweight design

    The Sony Digital Paper tablet has a sophisticated look and a pleasant to the touch surface. Only 0.5 cm thick, the gadget does not take up much space and fits easily in a desk drawer, as well as a backpack or briefcase.

    Digital Paper is impressively clear.13.3-inch E-Ink screen with a resolution of 1650 × 2200 pixels. This allows you to view a whole page without having to zoom in or scroll up and down. At the top of the device is the Home button, which opens a small menu.

    Tablet features

    The high-contrast, anti-glare display allows you to read the contents even in bright sunlight. Unfortunately, the gadget can not be used in the dark because the screen has no backlight.

    Under the body of the Sony Digital Paper isprocessor with a frequency of 2.0 GHz and 16 GB of internal memory, which allows you to store up to 10,000 PDF files. This is a huge difference compared to the previous model, which could only store 2,800 PDF files.

    At the top there is a microUSB port and a power button with an LED indicator that glows while charging.

    For a full charge of lithium-ion rechargeableDigital Paper batteries take about 3 hours, but even 50% of the charge lasts for several days. The battery life is calculated for one week when using Wi-Fi and three weeks without Wi-Fi.

    The convenience of use

    Sony Digital Paper Notebook has a new feature.view two pages at once, which is useful when comparing notes. I especially liked how easy it was to scale the text by simply circling the desired area, or copy and paste text using the same tool.

    The Digital Paper Tablet weighs 350 grams, but withoutcover, which adds to about 200 more. The cover also gives the device additional protection and has a stylus holder. Although I prefer to use the gadget without a case, since the device becomes much easier and convenient to use with one hand. I did not like the fact that the tablet itself is attached to the case with adhesive tape, and not a magnet.

    Functional stylus

    Apple's stylus and stylus shipped withReMarkable tablet, without buttons, while the pen in Digital Paper has one button, pressing which activates the eraser. The same button can be used to highlight certain words. The Sony Digital Paper Stylus also comes with four different tips: two imitate writing with a pencil and two with a pen.

    You can choose blue to annotate records.or red, as well as five different levels of thickness. The same goes for the size of the eraser. But, the red color here is displayed on the display as faded, it will look saturated only when the document is loaded onto the computer.

    Sony claims that the stylus battery lasts for a whole month, I did not have the opportunity to check this information.


    Sony Digital Paper SoftwareEasy to use, but not perfect. To synchronize files with your computer, you need to install Digital Paper. You can use a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to download files. When pairing devices, the first connection must be made using a USB cable.

    Sony's new Digital Paper allowsShare documents with cloud services such as Dropbox, Box and Google Docs. But, despite the simplicity of downloading documents to the PC, there is not enough mobile application that would allow you to download all your documents to your phone without having to constantly carry around Sony Digital Paper.

    Price and warranty

    Sony Digital Paper is definitely a great option.however, it will cost you $ 700 ($ 43,500), which is much more expensive than some laptops or tablets. At this price you get only the most basic functions, so it would be wiser to invest money in a more functional device.

    Digital Paper comes with a limited annual warranty on manufacturer defects.

    Sony Digital Paper Alternative

    ReMarkable not only costs $ 100 ($ 6,000) cheaper, but also has a companion application for iOS, Android and PC, for easier file transfer over Wi-Fi.

    You can also choose the Apple 64GB iPad Pro 10.5, which has much more features at the same price as Digital Paper.


    Should I buy it? Not! Sony Digital Paper is not as functional as its closest competitors and does not allow access to content through a mobile device. It is worth buying only if you constantly work with PDF files and do not need to quickly synchronize these files with your smartphone.

    Benefits of Sony Digital Paper

    • Nice design.
    • Lightweight.
    • Allows you to store many files.

    Disadvantages of Digital Paper

    • No mobile app support.
    • Supports only PDF files.
    • High price.

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