Sony and Yamaha unveiled Sociable Cart SC-1 unmanned minibus (video)

Specialized vans Sociable CartSC-1, which works without drivers and is intended for field trips in the Botanical Garden of Japanese Okinawa, presents a pilot project developed in partnership with Sony and Yamaha.

The concept of a small standalone toolmovement for closed areas of landscape parks was introduced back in 2017. Now the first such bus for excursions in the night park is released on the line.

The capacity of Sociable Cart SC-1 is 5person, a place for the driver is not provided. The inner and outer surface of the body of a fully autonomous electric car is “lined” with high-definition television screens. On the inner surface intended for passengers, the surrounding reality will be demonstrated, which eliminates the need for windows in the car. Outside advertising will be broadcast.

The first excursions will be devoted to the night sky aboveOkinawa Botanical Garden. Passengers will be able to comfortably enjoy the night scenery and the magical starry sky displayed on the internal displays.

Currently, developers more attentiondevote to developing a comfortable system for bus passengers, but in the future it is planned to finalize the external screens, which broadcast promotional products. The plans of engineers include the ability to use artificial intelligence to generate advertising content, depending on the people passing by Sociable Cart SC-1, focusing on their gender, age and other indicators.

Source: Engadget