Sony and Yamaha unveiled augmented reality vehicle

The Japanese are known for their desire to create extremelyunusual items and things. And often their creative ideas look very, very worthy. How do you like, for example, an unmanned vehicle that can communicate with passengers, independently move around the city, and which, among other things, is equipped with an augmented reality function? Meanwhile, this is not a fantasy of designers or even a concept, but a product quite ready for launch, developed by engineers from large companies Sony and Yamaha.

Joint development of Sony and Yamaha for thisThe moment is called SC-1 Sociable Cart and the product has been in development already since 2017. Then the project was only a concept of Sony and it was not clear to the end how it will come out in the end. Yamaha came to the aid of the Japanese company, who provided production facilities and some of their own developments in order to improve the concept and bring it to mass production.

Fun moment: Sociable Cart was originally positioned as a “smart” golf car and was supposed to be used, respectively, on golf courses. Now the positioning of the car has changed somewhat (although the car will still appear on Japanese golf courses). Unlike the original concept, the SC-1 van has room for five passengers (instead of the original three) and good battery life. Other improvements include a smart feedback system with passengers located both inside the car and outside.

The "square" design of the van is not to everyone's taste. But in our opinion, he looks very pretty

49-inch will be installed inside the carA 4K monitor with augmented reality elements with controls, and on the outside there are four 55-inch 4K monitors with built-in algorithms that will show passers-by advertising, focusing on their age, gender and a number of other parameters. Also inside the car, you can connect to the Internet for free (for example, to read the latest news in our channel in Telegram). The most interesting part is that the SC-1, as you may have noticed, has no windows at all. Many image sensors instead capture the surrounding landscape and transmit it to the monitor installed inside, overlaying additional information from above. Meanwhile, the car is suitable not only for advertising. Augmented reality can display the route of movement, a virtual map, interesting facts about the area, and indeed become a very interesting and technological guide for tourists.

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With regard to control, the car is capable ofto move independently thanks to the system of "in-depth analysis of the road situation and machine learning." The maximum declared speed of movement is 19 kilometers per hour. In addition, at any time, the operator can take control in order to control the machine remotely. The launch of the first versions of Sociable Cart is scheduled for March 2020. The first lots will be available to visitors to amusement parks and various tourist routes. About the cost of cars at the moment nothing is known.