Sony and singer Madison Beer presented technology for virtual concerts (3 photos + video)

Coronavirus pandemic led to closuretraditional concert halls and the cancellation of mass events in which the stars of the show are involved. Sony quickly met the desires of fans seeking to attend the concerts of their idols and the stars themselves, suffering significant losses from the absence of concerts due to the tightening of quarantine measures. Sony developers, together with the young but famous American singer Madison Beer, presented an immersive concert using virtual reality technology at the CES 2021 online exhibition.

The Immersive Reality concert isa virtual image of Madison Bear's avatar "performing" in the Sony Hall in front of a virtual live audience. In reality, the singer performed in the studio in a virtual reality suit. Avatar Bir performed several excerpts from her upcoming Epic Records album "Life Support" and the song Boyshit.

To show the immersive concert, they usedthe most modern developments in the field of 3D volumetric images in real time using the Unreal Engine. The audience used a PlayStation VR and Oculus headset to watch the virtual concert.

According to representatives of Sony Music EntertainmentThe “cutting edge, incredibly realistic experience” of the first virtual concert can be widely disseminated and will significantly expand the audience, allowing them to watch the concerts of leading stars from the comfort of their homes from anywhere in the world.