Sony released PlayStation 5 Slim with a removable disk drive (3 photos + video)

Sony has delighted its fans for the upcoming holiday season by introducing a new PlayStation 5 model.

The new product, created taking into account the growing needs of players, has a reduced size, but at the same time retains all the technological advantages of the original PS5.

A special feature of the new product is also a removable Blu-raydisk drive and built-in 1 TB SSD. The new PS5 has decreased in volume by 30% and is 18-24% lighter compared to previous models. The designers proposed four separate body panels: the upper part has a glossy finish, and the lower part has a matte finish.

Those who purchase the digital version of the PS5 will be able to subsequently purchase a Blu-ray drive, which will be sold separately for $79.99.

It is reported that the start of sales of the new PS5 model is scheduled for November in the United States. A little later it will appear in other markets around the world.

The suggested retail price for the new PS5 starts at $499.99 for the version with a Blu-ray drive and $449.99 for the digital version.

Source: PlayStation