Songar - the first combat drone with a machine gun (3 photos + video)

Military departments of most countries of the worldthe last decade has been actively developing unmanned aerial vehicles designed to perform combat missions. Such systems are equipped with missile and small arms, as well as enemy tracking and detection systems.

Turkish engineers from Asisguard createdDrone Songar, armed with a machine gun and capable of hitting the enemy’s manpower with high accuracy. The main objective of a combat drone is to control the route of the columns and to destroy enemy ambushes.

During the presentation of a new type of weapon wasa film showing the capabilities of Songar is shown. Four military men traveling in a jeep were ambushed and used a drone to locate and destroy enemy troops. The compact Songar, controlled by the operator, quickly detected an ambush and opened fire on a 5.56 mm machine gun.

25 kilogram Songar rises in the air atthe help of eight twin blades. The drone has a radius of flight of 16 km and a maximum height of 2.8 km. Songar cameras are equipped with night vision sensors that allow you to "work" around the clock. The operator observes the picture transmitted by UAV cameras in real time. Upon detection of the enemy, the operator gives the command to open fire. In the navigation of the drone, both GPS and GLONASS systems are used, which provides the ability to work in conditions of blocking one of the systems.

Weapon Songar - assault rifle withautomatic shooting mode. Weighted barrel prevents overheating and provides stabilization of the machine gun. The accuracy of the defeat ensures that bullets hit a 15-cm target from a distance of 200 meters. In the future, developers promise to bring the range of confident target destruction to 400 meters. The stabilization system provides the ability to hold the target in a crosshair with the ability to rotate the barrel 60 degrees. The drone store is designed for 200 rounds.

Source: newscientist

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