Some third party Twitter apps don't work

Some third-party Twitter clients, such as Twitterific and Tweetbot, appear to be experiencing crashes, although the reason is

is currently unclear, according to TheVerge.The developers have not received any communication from the company as to whether the problem is caused by a bug or something else, according to a Mastodon post from Paul Haddad, one of the creators of Tweetbot. There have been speculations by Twitter users and some news outlets that this is an attempt by Twitter to completely shut down third-party clients.

Third party apps rely on the Twitter APIto receive data from a service, a point that has been controversial in the past. It is difficult to say whether the third-party client shutdown is related to the API, the author of the portal notes. At the time of writing, there have been no explicit disconnect tweets from either the official Twitter account, Twitter support, or company owner Elon Musk. Recall that in Russia, Roskomnadzor restricted access to the resource based on the request of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation dated February 24, 2022.