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Some people can make tinnitus on their own

The human body is sometimes capable ofamazing things. For example, the liver of some people under certain conditions can independently produce alcohol, and in rather large quantities. Also, some people are able to move the muscles inside their ears and independently create low, somewhat reminiscent sounds of thunder. However, very few people possess this unusual skill and some are very surprised to learn that someone is capable of it. But what exactly causes tinnitus and can ordinary people hear it? Of course they can.

People are divided into two types - those who know how to create tinnitus, and who do not know how

Some people reported unusual skillScienceAlert edition, citing Massimo, an Italian scientific twitter account. The muscles that some people can control are called tensor tympani and are designed to control the eardrum. When these muscles contract, a person hears rumbling sounds and this is far from news for scientists, because this phenomenon was at least described in the book "Elements of Physiology" by physiologist Johannes Muller. But for ordinary people, this ability of the human body can be very surprising.

How does human hearing work?

In fact, human hearing works quitesimply. When a sound is made, waves arise that cause the eardrums inside our ears to vibrate. Then these sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear with the help of several bones, which are known as the malleus, anvil and stapes. And already from the inner ear, sound signals enter the brain and the person understands what he heard.

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A small muscle called tensor tympanineeded in order for the eardrum to stop vibrating at some points. For example, this is necessary when there is a loud noise coming from outside - ceasing to vibrate, the eardrum protects the inner ear from damage. Also, the muscle sometimes compresses the eardrum while a person is talking or chewing food. If special muscles did not block the vibration of the eardrum, a person could simply go deaf from their own sounds.

Due to the fact that the eardrums are very vulnerable, it is not recommended to clean the ears with cotton buds.

It turns out that people who know how to managewith this muscle, they can not only independently create a rumble in the ears, but also protect themselves from loud noise. However, not all people are capable of this, and if they suddenly discover such a gift, they often start to worry and go to the hospital. For example, in 2013, a 27-year-old man approached his attending physician with a complaint about extraneous tinnitus. It turned out that he had nothing to worry about and he was simply one of those few people who were able to control the muscles inside his ear.

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Many may be wondering howhear the noise made by the eardrum muscles. To do this is quite simple - you just need to yawn deeply. You will probably hear a rumble in your ears, and you may have heard it before. In principle, this is the very noise that some people can make on their own.

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