Some details of iPhone 8 can be used to repair iPhone SE (7 photos)

The start of sales of the long-awaited, most affordablethe price of Apple iPhone SE 2020 smartphone, aroused great interest of enthusiasts in the technical characteristics of the device. A Chinese blogger disassembled the gadget and announced that many parts of the iPhone SE can be replaced with similar parts from the iPhone 8. Thus, both Apple models were similar not only in their external design, but also in the composition of their components. To verify this statement, as well as evaluate the maintainability of the iPhone SE 2020, experts from the iFixit resource undertook.

The statement of the Chinese blogger turned out to be true: many parts of the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE can be used equally well for both models. Interchangeable are the display, microphone, main camera, proximity sensor, SIM card tray, and Taptic Engine tactile feedback mechanism.

Meanwhile, use the iPhone 8 battery forthe new model will not work, as the iPhone SE uses a different standard connector for connecting. It is also impossible to replace the Home button. If iPhone SE has a display with iPhone 8, True Tone technology does not work.

According to the disassembly of the new iPhone SE 2020 model, iFixit experts estimated the maintainability of the smartphone at 6 points on a 10-point scale.

Among the advantages of the iPhone SE was noted the modular design, which allows you to quickly carry out work on the replacement of individual components.

Smartphone Seal for ComplianceIP67 standard provides greater protection against moisture damage, but somewhat complicates the repair. When replacing the rear window there are difficulties associated with its excessive fragility.

Source: iFixit