Solar powered device developed (video)

Making the hoverboard used by Marty McFlyin the trilogy "Back to the Future" becomes even more real after the announcement of the development of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, made the object soar above the surface, only on the energy of reflected optical waves. A thin plate made of mylar, a film used in space as a basis for thermal protection of spacesuits and for solar sails, had no engines or mechanisms, but at the same time levitated above the surface, "supported" only by the light flux emanating from the LEDs.

The mylar plate has the most importantthe property that made this material so popular in various industries. This is a small mass with a sufficiently high strength. In an experiment conducted in Pennsylvania, the plate floated in a virtually airless space, when the resistance of the external environment is minimized and the force of gravity can only be resisted by the energy of photons emanating from the light source.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have managed to cause tiny plastic trays to hover using only light. Next up: Back To The Future-style hoverboards

Tony Ho Tran (@TonyHoWasHere) February 14, 2021
In the future, the technology of levitation can beused for scientific experiments in the airless space of space. Application can be found in the creation of research probes directed into the upper atmosphere, into an almost airless space, where flying vehicles such as balloons lose their effectiveness. In the longer term, levitating devices based on mylar can find application in the exploration of Mars with its rarefied atmosphere.