Socket-switch with a secret

The socket can also be part of the interior. Don't believe? Then look at this option.

This socket, a kind of hybrid, was designed by designer Maurice Michaud. He says he was inspired by a trip to Europe (he is an American).

The essence of the device is that most of the time it is in the wall, and is more like a white panel. And if necessary, you just need to press it, and two sockets appear before your eyes.

In this case, the device can also act as a switch, it has a special sensor. You can also adjust the brightness of the light and its color using the panel.

The system, called L1, is now more suitable for wooden walls, in which it can be safely installed. With other materials, you will have to work hard.

The device can be installed at different levels. That is, if you do not need sockets near the door, then why not install them near the bed?

In general, the sockets look quite good.conceptually, and they can be used in any interior. Whether you need it is another matter. And for hotels, if you are thinking about opening your own, the acquisition will be a nice feature.