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Snow robot - Snowbot S1 (3 photos + video)

Snowbot S1 autonomous snowblower, according toconceived by developers from the Chinese company Hanyang Technology, it is designed to clear snow from large areas, such as car parking or playgrounds.

Test setup of Snowbot S1 iscompact, battery-powered rubber track mechanism. Before starting the work of the snowblower, three radio beacons should be installed at the boundaries of the area to be cleaned, which will allow the Snowbot S1 control system to determine its relative position using triangulation and calculate the route for cleaning the area.

If the site is not rectangular and has a complexthe form, the route for clearing snow for the Snowbot S1 can be laid independently in manual mode through the application available for both Android devices and iOS gadgets. If desired, the Snowbot S1 user can control the robot remotely in real time.

Depending on the thickness of the snow cover and itsdensity, as well as the condition of the road surface in the Snowbot S1 different tools are used: scrapers or rotating brushes. After that, with the help of a rubber auger, the removed snow is thrown through a swivel chute (360 degrees) at a distance of up to 3.6 meters. The Snowbot S1 is able to tackle snow depths up to 30.48 cm (12 inches). According to the developers, the combination of scrapers and brushes can remove up to 99% of the snow from the site.

Obstacles on the territory are bypasseda robot using information received from the lidar built into the Snowbot S1. If debris or dense wet snow gets into the auger, the robot will automatically shut down. Autonomous work for 1.5 hours is provided by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 31 Ah. The body is protected from moisture according to the IP35 standard, and the robot weighs 65 kg.

Hanyang Technology is recruitingusers for beta testing of devices. To participate in the program, you must purchase a prototype Snowbot S1 for $ 1999. After making adjustments to the design based on the testers' comments, the production Snowbot S1 Pro unit worth $ 2,999 will be released. Test program participants will be provided with the new model free of charge.