Snapdragon X55: 5G-modem 2nd generation from Qualcomm (7 photo)

Very soon smartphones with5G features. Manufacturers will present several such gadgets at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. Qualcomm follows the trends and is also working on 5G technology. So the company announced Snapdragon X55 - the second generation of its own 5G-modem. And this is despite the fact that smartphones with the 1st generation of this modem have not yet appeared on the market.

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On the production of gadgets equipped with SnapdragonX55, it will take at least several months. However, there have been a lot of improvements in the new version. The previous version of the Snapdragon X50 showed approximately 4.5 gigabits per second at peak load. In the new model, the company increased this figure to 7 gigabits per second. Such speeds are still far from the potential of 5G networks, but it is worth noting that their capabilities are steadily increasing.

It is curious that the new chip, likepredecessor, supports 3G and 4G connections, bringing improvements to them. So, in 4G LTE Snapdragon X55 supports LTE Cat.22 technology at speeds up to 2.5 gigabits per second.

Of course, 7 gigabits per second is much morewhat is required for an ordinary mobile user. However, the X55 is not only suitable for smartphones. It will bring 5G to any kind of gadgets, including wireless routers, tablets, laptops, auto systems and even to “augmented reality devices” (mostly VR headsets) where substantial bandwidth is required.

In parallel with the Snapdragon X55, Qualcomm planslaunch antenna module 5G mmWave. Technological solutions "modem-antenna" will also appear. They will not only complement the capabilities of the new modem, but also increase the efficiency of energy consumption. The fact is that the battery life will increase. It should be noted that the first 5G modem from Qualcomm should be quite energy-intensive and difficult to cool. So it's nice to hear about good changes in this direction. Gadgets with a new modem will see the light closer to the end of this year.