Smartphones with Snapdragon chips can be cracked via Wi-Fi

Hackers exploit the smallest vulnerabilities in systemsSmartphone security to steal confidential information from Android device owners The lion's share of such hacks is carried out through special applications infected with virus software. However, a vulnerability of Snapdragon processors has recently been identified, which allows access to information on any smartphone with such chips via Wi-Fi.

The possibility of such a hack has been demonstratedCyber ​​Security Specialists at Tencent Blade. By connecting to the victim’s Wi-Fi network, a hacker can easily hack into any smartphone running Qualcomm Snapdragon chips and gain access to owner’s confidential information. This type of vulnerability is called QualPwn.

The hacking method is quite simple. A hacker using a gap in the method of connecting the Snapdragon processor to Wi-Fi networks launches a malware package on the device and after activating the code gets full control over the smartphone. This vulnerability is present on all devices equipped with Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 845 chips. When demonstrating the vulnerability, experts hacked Google Pixel 2.

Qualcomm Patch Already Releasedeliminating vulnerability in both processors. Also, a warning has been sent to all manufacturers using such processors. Representatives of the company also announced that QualPwn was identified in other Snapdragon models.

The problem with QualPwn is being eliminated in the Android security update from August 2019.

Source: techradar