Smartphones Google, Xiaomi and Apple hacked through Google Assistant or Siri (3 videos)

Protection of personal data by smartphone ownersis a priority, since mobile devices contain information about our finances, personal life and professional activities. However, methods of hacking smartphones are periodically revealed that make traditional methods of protection using complex passwords or two-factor authentication completely useless.

Cybernetic researchersSecurity has discovered a way to contactlessly hack into a smartphone running both Android and iOS. To subjugate a smartphone, it is only necessary that it lies close to the hacker on a solid flat surface such as a table.

The identified vulnerability is calledSurfingAttack. The hacking technique is based on the use of voice assistants, which are activated using a surface vibration imperceptible to a person transmitted from a distance of up to 10 meters in the ultrasound spectrum. After the sound source transfers vibration to a flat surface of the table, the voice assistant of the smartphone receives a certain command and submits the device to an attacker.

Reassigning using voice commandssmartphone, criminals will be able to receive any confidential information, make calls, send notifications. The owner of the smartphone will be able to detect hacking only after he picks up the device in his hands.

Demonstration of re-subordination of a smartphone usingSilent teams for voice assistants, experts presented in a video where models of Google, Motorola, Apple, Xiaomi, HUAWEI and Samsung are hacked.

Fighting such a threat is easy enoughyou should use soft covers that do not transmit vibration, or put the smartphone not on a hard surface of the table, but on a soft litter or other objects that have the ability to "damp" the vibration. You should also disable the work of assistants in the screen lock mode. SurfingAttack's best attack surface is aluminum, steel, glass, and medium density fiberboard (MDF).