Smartphones from Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Google were in antirating (3 photos)

Currently, most people are in contactwith a smartphone almost 24 hours a day. The gadget is always either in your hands, or in your pocket or bag during work, during travel, and even at night it is near the bedside table. The constant proximity and frequent use of smartphones gives rise to the question - how in the long run it will affect health.

Federal Radiation Protection AuthorityGermany (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz) provided experts from Statista with an extensive database of radiation levels of both new and old smartphones. Analysts studied smartphones manufactured by Apple, Blackberry, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and ZTE. The analysis was based on the specific absorption rate of electromagnetic radiation (SAR).

The most dangerous in terms of radiation recognized: Xiaomi Mi A1, having a SAR coefficient of 1.75 watts per kilogram. On the second place was OnePlus 5T with an indicator of 1.63 W / kg, the “honorable” third place was taken by the model Xiaomi Mi Max 3 with 1.55 W / kg.

Next, smartphones are arranged in this order:

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The most loyal to the user by radiation smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a result of 0.17 W / kg, ZTE Axon Elite with a rate of 0.17 W / kg and LG G7 with 0.24 W / kg.

It should be noted that each country is individuallyComplies with hazardous radiation standards. For example, in Germany, according to the Blue Angel standard, only devices with SAR less than 0.6 W / kg are certified, the United States determines the allowed SAR value to 1.6 W / kg, and the EU user security threshold is fixed at 2 W / kg.