Smartphones can be charged from walking (3 photos)

Engineers are constantly looking for alternative, sometimes getting amazing results. So, scientists from China were able to develop a device that can generate electricity from bending the knee while walking. This gadget will be able to feed a variety of wearable devices.

Designed by China University of Hong KongThe portable sensor is mounted on 3 points of the leg: shin, knee and calf. There is a special bandage with a rod attached to it, which locks onto the user's thigh. Another bandage is fixed on the calf. When a person is walking, the special slider performs translational movements.

Energy generation is carried out by strips.from carbon cloth and polymer. They are located at the ends of the rod. In the process of testing the development of engineers achieved a capacity of 1.6 microwat. To get it, it is enough to move at a speed of 2 to 6.5 kilometers per hour. In other words, the voltage and current will be generated during a quiet walk.

The resulting energy will becomeaccumulate, and then used to charge smartphones and other wearable electronics. The sensor weighs 307 grams. Developers in the future want to create a mass product that can eventually become an alternative to portable batteries. After all, to recharge the gadget, a person will only need to walk a little.

Source: eurekalert