Smartphone without anything: Meizu Zero video review

A very long and thorough video review of the Meizu Zero smartphone has appeared.

This device was introduced in January of this year, but only as a project. Not a complete list of features, not even a prototype to look at it from all sides.

The video tells in some detail aboutspecifics, pros and cons of the device. A smartphone that does not have physical buttons and holes looks cool, the touch-areas that act as buttons give tactile feedback when pressed, similar to a click. This is fun, but you need to keep in mind that it’s not so easy to find the active places, so the task of adjusting the volume may be more difficult than you thought.

Speaking of volume. No speakers - the sound is transmitted through the screen. He is not bad, but not particularly loud.

The screen in the opinion of the tester is chic. 6-inch OLED, very rich colors.

The main camera is double: Sony IMX380 12 MP f / 1.8 + Sony IMX350 20 MP telephoto, which provides a 3x zoom. Photos are excellent, autofocus is fast. There is nothing to complain about.

Battery capacity not specified - Meizu for some reasonleft behind the scenes this information. According to the tester - 3500-3700 mAh. For a whole day of active use was enough - but without a SIM card. Simka there is a specific one - eSIM - not every operator supports. Charging only through a wireless module (complete 15W), fully charged in an hour and a half.

The overall impression is an apparatus for geeks and collectors.

Tatyana Kobelskaya