Smartphone Vivo X50 taught to restore photos (5 photos)

Smartphones of the company presented a week agoVivo from the X50 line, became known for using a unique mechanism that provides reliable mechanical stabilization of cameras. However, mobile photography enthusiasts who own the Vivo X50 series smartphones also got the opportunity to restore old, fuzzy or damaged photos using AI technology.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligencecan significantly improve image quality in old photographs. A new feature that Vivo did not announce earlier was discovered by the user under the nickname Ice Universe. The mode, called Photo Repair, will help restore fuzzy, blurry or damaged photos.

Self-retouching photos will allowincrease the contrast and sharpness of the image, reduce the graininess of the image and the noise level, as well as provide high-quality color correction. A statement about the discovery of a previously unknown function is confirmed by "repaired" photographs demonstrating the impressive capabilities of Photo Repair.

Source: twitter