Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 goes into the army (3 photos)

In order to further increase model salesSamsung Galaxy S20 uses a variety of marketing methods. Currently, the Korean company has announced plans to release a special modification of the smartphone, intended for use by the military and called Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition.

The Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition is essentially notIt has cardinal technical innovations and is not much different from the standard version of the smartphone. In the military version, Samsung developers added some software changes to the shell and used the more robust Juggernaut case. No changes were made to the components.

Summoned Galaxy S20 Tactical SmartphoneEdition will have a traditional 6.2-inch OLED display. The hardware will run on a Snapdragon 865 chip and will receive 12 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. The smartphone will be able to work with fifth-generation 5G networks and will be equipped with a main camera with three sensors.

Samsung developers offer for the modelTactical Edition several specific functions required by the military to carry out certain missions. However, upon closer inspection, in these functions, you can consider the disguised standard features available on all serial smartphones. The so-called “invisibility mode”, which puts the smartphone into radio silence mode with the blocking of the LTE module and other parts emitting radio frequencies, is very similar to the standard flight mode, which also disables all modules emitting radio frequencies.

DualDAR encryption mode given inCompliance with the requirements of the US defense departments necessary for data protection does not differ in principle from the similar function already used by Samsung in corporate and standard Galaxy S20 models.
For unique software development you canto attribute the mode of operation at night, when the displays can not "dazzle" military personnel wearing night vision goggles. It is also possible to unlock a smartphone in landscape mode.

Another feature will be useful to modernmilitary, whose duties include compiling numerous reports and preparing the necessary documentation. Putting the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition into computer emulation mode, fighters can easily compile a report, plan a combat mission, conduct training and training while on the go or in the field.

Special version of Samsung Galaxy S20 TacticalEdition will not enter the open market and will be implemented for “individual partners via IT channels”. The program will be launched in the third quarter of this year. More accurate data on the appearance date of the army Galaxy S20 and their price are not reported.

Source: TheVerge