Smartphone sales in the Chinese market fell by 11% in the third quarter of this year

According to research firm Canalys, shipments of smartphones in the Chinese market declined in the third

quarter of this year by 11%.Smartphone sales results have been heavily affected by COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, as well as a general slowdown in the Chinese economy. In total, 70 million devices were delivered to the Chinese market, compared to 78.9 million sold a year earlier. At the same time, sales of Apple smartphones showed significant growth, unlike other market players. Apple grew by 36% to 11.3 million. The company ranks fourth in the Chinese market with a 13% share. The leader of the quarter in China was the Vivo brand with a share of 20% and sales of 14.1 million devices. The top three Chinese brands - Vivo, OPPO and Honor - showed significant declines in the third quarter, with sales falling by 23%, 27% and 16% respectively. Xiaomi, which is in fifth place in the list of leaders, decreased sales by 17%.