Smartphone or computer without connectors - utopia or the future?


One of the things that so many people care about is the creation of a device that is free from wires like

those.Reversing, we can say that the device of the future is seen as completely devoid of connectors, and smartphones have come closest to this. Today's flagship of one company or another is a smartphone that has only a charging port, although you can refuse it, because there is wireless charging! The SIM card slot can be easily replaced with an eSIM, and here we have a simplified design, in which there are no interface connectors, only speakers and microphones remain, but they can also be hidden if desired. It is technically possible, we have such technologies.

But a natural question arises - why?Why hide the connectors and degrade the performance of the device if the wires will still exist in your world. Wireless charging is convenient, there is no doubt that they have become popular and widespread. But the speed of wireless charging is much lower than by wire, and this negates the advantages of using it. Increasingly, in expensive cars that have built-in wireless charging, I notice that owners still use wires - it's faster and easier. Yes, and I myself sin that I use wired charging at home, although wireless is at hand, always on. But the rhythm of life has become such that I want to get a charge as quickly as possible.

Physical Principles of Wireless Chargingit is not supposed that it will ever be able to compare with wired in terms of speed and efficiency, this cannot be assumed. And so this gap will be eternal. In a world where the fight for the environment is reaching a new level, wireless charging is a definite evil, you expend more energy than using the "old" wired one. The loss of this energy is higher, in fact you are heating the air. The OneZero study provides data that shows the inefficiency of wireless charging (in reality, the difference can be even more noticeable, it all depends on specific devices).

Wireless charging advocates often claimthat those are better for the outside world, since there are not a lot of wires. It always baffles me. If you need to charge your device in different places, then you must place the chargers everywhere. And there will always be a wire in the charger, it is impossible to get away from it. The only question is where this wire is located or, more precisely, how it connects to a smartphone or computer, directly or through an adapter. The second method is always less effective, and miracles do not happen here.

A lot of noise has been made by the concept of the Craob X laptop, which has no connectors at all!


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Cool concept that does not stand upcommon sense checks - why? The kit includes a magnetic adapter, to which the charging wires and all other connectors are connected. That is, a laptop without connectors turns out to be a laptop with connectors that were taken out to the external unit.

And the effectiveness of such an adapter causesmany questions, we again run into the fact that this is corny inconvenient in every sense. I admit that someone is attracted by the concept of a device that does not have any holes, looks perfectly closed. Maybe. But there is no practical sense in this, and in a world that is going through an energy crisis, when people meticulously study the energy efficiency of household appliances, such concepts oppose popular views in society. It looks at least as opposed to everything else. Feast in Time of Plague.

In 2019, Chinese companies hitexploring the possibilities of creating smartphones without any connectors. The first signs were the Vivo Apex and Meizu Zero models. I call such devices PR-products, they are surprised, they write a lot about them, they look good at presentations and exhibitions. But of course, they do not have any commercial potential.

They flickered quickly, and disappeared just as quickly.A characteristic touch, at the time of their appearance, loud statements about the future of the industry rained down from a cornucopia, so China Mobile said that in a year or two all smartphones will become like that. This is something like the statement of the head of Nokia that smartphones will replace other devices by 2030, the same false story.

Smartphones will disappear in 2030. Prediction of the extinction of a whole class of devices

Nokia's bold statement that smartphones will no longer be popular in 8 years, and they will be replaced by smart glasses, the metaverse and electronic implants. Cyborg time? Or all same zaviralnye ideas?

You need to understand that often behind such modelsthere is a desire to exclusively collect reviews in the press, to remind about your company. But no one considers such products as real devices for retail sale, they have no potential audience - expensive, complicated and not very practical. Any deviation from the usual components means an increased cost of development, the need to invest in production. Just compare charging in Craob X and conventional wired charging, their cost differs by at least an order of magnitude.

From the field of the same dreams, one can recallwireless charging, which will learn to charge devices over the air, will not need to use any physical surface. I admit that in theory even this is possible, but the farther the distance to the phone, the greater the loss of energy. We will again come to the point that we will have to heat the air, which few people will like. Is it convenient? Surely yes. Practical? Absolutely not.

There are several questions to ask when considering any potential technology. Why is she needed? What problem does she solve? How practical and convenient will it be?

And if, in answering these questions, we stumble uponnegative answers, it is possible that we do not need such technologies at all. The very possibility of creating something does not mean that such a thing will be in demand by buyers. Choosing between a regular laptop with regular connectors and a laptop without them, I will choose the first one. Perhaps, if I were a diver, I would need a laptop that has no connectors at all, so that it works reliably underwater at great depths. But this is already a specialized device, and it’s not a fact that divers need such laptops, they are more likely to use voice interfaces for computer equipment that is easier to protect in some other way. I doubt that a diver will cheerfully tap the keyboard under water and type some kind of opus.

Technology for technology's sake is a dead endbut in our society, where every whim could be realized with enough money, we are constantly faced with such projects. Reading the news, learn to ask the questions I mentioned above, they will help you not fall for the trick of cunning developers who replace a pragmatic approach with the triumph of technology, and an imaginary one at that.

In my opinion, it is very difficult to create an interestinga device that will attract attention. But you can easily deceive people by promising three boxes, after all, you will not be asked for these promises. Hence all these "brilliant" developments that attract people, but have no practical meaning. Do you need a smartphone without connectors, and if so, why? Tell in the comments.

Smartphones will disappear in 2030. Prediction of the extinction of a whole class of devices

Nokia's bold statement that smartphones will no longer be popular in 8 years, and they will be replaced by smart glasses, the metaverse and electronic implants. Cyborg time? Or all same zaviralnye ideas?

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