Smartphone OnePlus 8 Pro will be able to "see" through the clothes (3 photos)

According to users and experts, one ofcameras launched in April by OnePlus, the flagship smartphone OnePlus 8 Pro allows you to see through the surface of a certain structure. For this, a 5 megapixel sensor is used, in which there are no usual color and IR filters necessary for creating artistic images. It is noteworthy that under certain conditions, viewing images of surfaces hidden by clothing is available.

Such functions were received by the fourth camera of the smartphoneOnePlus 8 Pro, which has become available for shooting images hidden by opaque surfaces (including some types of clothing). According to the research by Pinterest, this opportunity appeared due to the lack of standard color and IR filters used in smartphones' cameras in the camera. These filters eliminate the sensor’s sensitivity to infrared radiation. Given the absence of such filters in the 5 megapixel OnePlus 8 Pro camera, it becomes susceptible to the IR spectrum, which allows you to "see" through materials of a certain structure and color.

Some objects the camera is pointing atOnePlus 8 Pro, become transparent, due to the properties of the surface to absorb light waves of a certain length. With a similar "x-ray" look, users were able to examine the internal device of the remote control from a TV or set-top box.

Experts AndroidPIT Using a OnePlus 8 CameraPro, were able to read the note hidden under a black t-shirt. One of the prerequisites for using unusual properties for a standard smartphone to look at opaque surfaces is the presence of bright sunlight that provides the necessary amount of infrared radiation. Also, the "translucent" surface should be dark, preferably black.

Given an active discussion of unexpected functionOnePlus 8 Pro smartphone, we should expect further developments, as these additional features may lead to loss of privacy and future claims to the company.

Source: Twitter