Smartphone Honor 9X will be easy to repair (12 photos)

And the day did not pass, as the manufacturer announcedaffordable Honor 9X gaming smartphone with a frameless screen and a frontal retractable camera, and on the Internet have already published detailed instructions for disassembling it. It turned out that ordinary consumers should not have difficulties with the repair of new items.

To get to the filling, you need to getslot for SIM-cards, and then heat the back panel of the gadget with a hairdryer for 3-5 minutes at a temperature of 90 ° C. Thanks to this, you can unhook the back cover, which the manufacturer glued along the contour of the device. Further, the power cable can be disconnected from the motherboard, and the battery can be removed outside.

The camera unit and the motherboard closes a specialcasing It is fastened with screws and easily unscrewed with a screwdriver. The camera module is attached to the cable. It can be removed without much effort. No special tool is needed to remove the board from the case. If necessary, the mechanism of the sliding front camera is easily replaced without the help of a soldering iron.

As the analysis showed, most of the detailsa smartphone with a breakdown can be easily replaced. The set of necessary tools for this is minimal, which means that maintainability is very high. Note that the cost of new items starts at $ 203.