Smartphone Galaxy S11e equipped with a 4000 mAh battery

Problems of increasing battery lifeconstantly decided by the developers, and each subsequent modification of smartphones comes with more capacious batteries. Models of the Samsung Galaxy S11 series of smartphones, whose release is scheduled for February 2020, will not be an exception. In the mass of insider technical specifications of new devices from Samsung appeared indirect data indicating a possible significant increase in battery capacity for the smallest model Galaxy S11е.

Battery image detected on the networkbatteries marked EB-BG980ABY, indicating that it is intended for the Galaxy S11e smartphone with the brand name G980, which will replace the current Galaxy S10e smartphone (G970).

In photographs with low sharpness, you canconsider the parameters of the nominal power of 14.36 Wh, where the digits after the decimal point are determined almost intuitively. Based on the standard voltage of 3.85 V, it can be assumed that the battery capacity is 3730 mAh. Bringing the capacity to standard values, we come to a typical value of 4000mAh.

Thus, the Galaxy S11e will havesignificantly more autonomy than the previous Galaxy S10e model, now equipped with a 3100 mAh battery. Experts believe that the increase in capacity can be dictated by the support of the Galaxy S11e 5G networks, which leads to increased energy consumption. The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S11e is scheduled for February 2020 along with the older models Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 +.

Source: galaxyclub