Smartphone from Andy Rubin got an unusual design

Andy Android Operating System InventorRubin demonstrated on Twitter the photos of the Gem smartphone, which is currently at the testing stage and the time for the model to go on sale is not yet known. The unusual design of the device is designed to draw attention to the future brainchild of Essential, which is headed by Rubin.

The presented images of the Gem smartphone givethe ability to evaluate the extremely unusual form factor of the device, but do not give any idea about the technical parameters of the device. The Gem smartphone has an elongated shape with an unusually narrow body. There are practically no frames on the front panel and the minimum number of buttons is used for control.

Compared to modern smartphones, whichmore and more close to phablets, the device from Andy Rubin looks tiny and compact. However, for the main camera Gem provides too bulky round protrusion on the rear panel.

Directly below this protrusion is locatedthe notch in which the fingerprint scanner is supposed to be. In the design of the case used material that changes color at different viewing angles.

Analyzing the photographs, we can assume thatthe vertical interface of the Gem smartphone will be based on widgets similar to smart watches. Presumably the screen will be "divided" into two parts, each of which will perform a separate function.