Smart watches from IBM are transformed into a smartphone and tablet (5 photos)

IBM has announced a patent forunique mobile device: it can be used as a wristwatch, smart phone and even a tablet. The application for the invention was considered for about three years, and finally the patent was made public.

The main function of the device is a wrist smart watch. True, you can’t call them comfortable to wear: the massive body is quite thick. The fact is that four compartments are built into it, each of which has another two additional display sections. When extending four such modules, a new gadget is formed: a smartphone with a display of 4 × 6 inches. The interface switches from clock mode to phone mode. If you push four more sections, the device is transformed into a tablet, with which you can work, conveniently placing it on the table. At the same time, the screen size of 8 x 6 inches is enough for comfortable work.

It remains to wait for what is stated on paper will be realized. So far no possible release dates for a particular device are called.