Smart watch Garmin Enduro with solar battery and autonomy up to 65 days (5 photos + video)

The famous Garmin company specializing inproduction of wearable electronics, GPS devices and smartwatches, introduces to the market a new smartwatch Enduro, designed for professional athletes and fans of extreme recreation. The main feature of the new device is the increased battery life, provided by the presence of a special glass that generates electricity from sunlight.

Permanently switched on round with a diameter of 1.4inch color dial (280 × 280) Garmin Enduro is optimized for viewing information in sunlight even while driving. Power Glass provides additional recharging of the battery from solar energy and, depending on the operating mode, guarantees an autonomy of up to 65 or even 130 days. When GPS is running, the watch provides 80 hours of battery life, and when operating in power-saving mode with the maximum disconnection of all sensors, the watch can work for one year, provided it is recharged from a solar battery for 3 hours a day at 50,000 lux.

The watch is supplied in two case modifications:with a steel bezel and a lighter and more scratch-resistant titanium bezel. The weight of the Garmin Enduro model in the steel version is 72 grams with a strap (net weight is 66 grams), and in the titanium version - 58 and 52 grams, respectively. Case material - fiber-reinforced polymer with metal case back. Nylon strap compatible with QUICKFIT branded watch straps.

The Garmin Enduro has a hugea number of smart functions that provide control over almost any physical activity. It also monitors such parameters of the body as the every second pulse value, the daily pulse rate at rest, constant monitoring of the respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and others. Provides tracking of stress throughout the day, a reminder of the need to relax.

All these functions are provided by the built-in sensors:GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, barometric altimeter, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer, branded wrist heart rate monitor GARMIN ELEVATE and PULSE OX blood saturation sensor. Communication is via Bluetooth. The payment system through Garmin Pay is supported, and it works with Android devices and iPhone.

The model with the titanium bezel costs $ 899, while the steel version costs $ 799.