Smart watch ASUS VivoWatch SP with ECG sensor (3 photos)

ASUS developers at the ceremoniesThe events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the company, held at the IFA 2019 exhibition, were presented by an innovative device that integrated the functions of a smart watch and a fitness tracker. The new VivoWatch SP gadget is equipped with ECG and PPG sensors that deliver accuracy results comparable to stationary medical devices. The watch also supports proprietary HealthAI technology.

The main purpose of the smartwatch VivoWatch SPit is a control of the functional indicators of the body and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. ECG and PPG sensors, the accuracy of which is comparable to medical devices, in real time monitor the pulse, nervous system, stress level and pressure.

The altimeter will indicate the height of the user's location,and the oxygen level sensor in the blood signals the level of blood oxygen saturation. Such data will be indispensable for climbers and lovers of relaxation in the mountains, will help to navigate with the time of rests, so necessary when traveling in areas with discharged air.

HealthAI proprietary technology allowsmonitor blood pressure around the clock and make recommendations for lifestyle changes. Currently, the function is available only in some countries, which is associated with the certification of medical devices.
A standard GPS sensor performs traditionalfunction and allows you to record the movement of the user. These data can be processed in a special application ASUS HealthConnect, using along with statistics on the speed, distance, and time of sports. In the watch, the choice and adjustment of the individual pace of training is available, about deviations from which a sound signal will warn. In addition, the user will be able to set individual goals for training and monitor the progress of their achievement.

The moisture protection class allows you to dive to a depth of 50 meters, and the battery will provide autonomous operation for 14 days. Price not reported.