Smart straps from Sony make any wristwatch smart (9 photos + video)

Since 2015 Sony engineers have moved toJapan's self-sufficiency projects and work through the crowdfunding system, receiving funding for the implementation of ideas from consumers. Since last year, the Japanese concern has used a similar method when launching FES Watch U in Europe. In 2019, the developers of the Wena Wrist smart watch strap began working in England.

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The principle of the new invention is tointroducing electronic stuffing into the strap of an ordinary wrist watch. Basic Wena Wrist bracelets are equipped with LEDs, and more advanced models are already using an OLED screen that allows you to place up to 2 lines of text. Smart metal bracelet Wena Wrist Pro will be able to broadcast messages from a smartphone, pay for purchases using NFC technology and has a built-in pedometer. The device works under Android and iOS. The strap width is 20 mm, interchangeable mounts allow you to connect watches with fasteners 18, 20 and 22 mm wide.

The strap Wena Wrist Active is made ofsilicone and has, among other things, GPS and a heart rate sensor. It can be used individually without a clock - the module with the clock can be easily dismantled or installed in place. The battery in both straps lasts for a week.

Wena Wrist Active will be purchase for 450 dollars, and Wena Wrist Pro is offered for 510 dollars. In this case, the watches offered in the kit can be bought by paying from 130 to 510 dollars.