Smart scooters Segway-Ninebot independently get to the charging point (3 photos)

Electric scooters are gaining more and morepopularity among residents of densely populated cities as an alternative transport. Segway-Ninebot has developed the KickScooter T60 scooter project, which implements AI control.

The design of the new three-wheeled scooter is notdiffers from traditional counterparts, but the electronic "filling" expands the functionality of the device, which greatly facilitates its maintenance. The scooter independently monitors the battery charge level and in case of low charge, determines the location of the nearest charging station and goes there independently. KickScooter T60 is remotely managed from the cloud.

It should be noted that electric scooters are popular with modern rental companies. In the near future, such giants as Uber and Lyft will enter this market.

Currently rolling scooter when dischargingthe battery was left by customers on the street or even on the roadway, which not only posed a threat to traffic, but could also lead to damage to the device. The companies were forced to maintain an additional staff of employees collecting discharged scooters around the city.

KickScooter T60 Test Tests Begins InSeptember and by the beginning of 2020, smart scooters can go on sale. The cost of smart scooters will be significantly higher than ordinary models (200 - 300 dollars) and will be about 1420 dollars.

Source: reuters