Smart scales Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 2 Pro will determine the mass and type of figure (4 photos)

Chinese product fanshi-tech giant Huawei got the opportunity to use the devices of their favorite company to control physical fitness and health. The new smart scales Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 2 Pro will allow you to get not only the value of body weight, but also control several fitness parameters of a person.

First of all, Fat Scale 2 Pro scales fulfill theirthe main function is the high-precision weighing of the user, with a measurement error of only 50 grams. To control the remaining parameters, a special retractable handle and 8 electrodes are used (4 in the handle and 4 on the surface of the balance).

When you extend the handle of the scale starts to workan electrode system that controls heart rate, body mass index,% fat and muscle mass, metabolic rate, percentage of water in the body. In addition, weighing will be able to classify the type of user’s figure as hourglass, pear, triangle, and others.

To process data received by smart scales,they are sent to a smartphone, which is connected using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Further, the obtained parameters are analyzed by the proprietary application Huawei Sports Health. Smart Body Fat Scale 2 Pro scales have dimensions 320 × 320 mm, weight 3.08 kg and are already sold at a price of about $ 70.

Source: ifanr