Smart poster with Wi-Fi will show the weather for the day (4 photos + video)

The Typified team, led by designer Oli Woods, created a useful smart poster. The novelty is able to connect to Wi-Fi and warn others about the weather outside the window.

& times

A poster with special signs informs aboutrain, sunny weather or cloudiness. True, he will not give accurate meteorological data or additional details. In addition, the weather will be indicated only at 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00.

The design consists of a normal paper web.with heat sensitive inks. LEDs are connected to the icons, highlighting the appropriate option. Weather updates occur at the appointed hour.

So far Typified has published the project only onKickstarter A novelty can be pre-ordered for $ 189. Free weather display will be only during the first 2 years of use of the poster. Further, for the renewal of the service, users will have to pay $ 7.5 a month. The first batch of plan to release in mid-summer.