Smart Pal scooter remembers the way home (11 photos + video)

High tech is being used in ever increasingthe number of habitual everyday objects. Electric car manufacturer from China, Nio, and British designers from Layer Studio have decided to integrate artificial intelligence into an ordinary scooter, which will be able to independently memorize the user's route and deliver it to the right place.

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Built-in scooter artificial intelligencewill allow, using machine learning, to make a comfortable and efficient movement along the "last mile" route. Integrated into the scooter of the future Nio Pal Nomi voice interface from the company Nio will help to go on a journey by voice command.

Pal scooter is equipped with an elementary systemcontrol: tilting the steering wheel forward results in an increase in speed, and tilting in the opposite direction leads to a decrease in speed up to a full stop. Each wheel is equipped with an individual engine, which change the speed of rotation depending on the user's maneuver.

Upright Nio Pal Standallows you to mark on it a bag, basket or trolley from the supermarket. The display shows the minimum required information: the speed and residual charge of the battery. For more detailed information, you can use a special application on your smartphone. In addition, the user will be able to get voice information on the status of the scooter, only for this user will need to use headphones.

During the presentation of the prototype, developers do notThey provided information neither about the price of the smart scooter of the future, nor about the distance of autonomous driving on a removable battery, nor about the capacity of the battery itself. According to the developers, carbon fiber coated with graphene was used in the manufacture of the prototype. However, with mass production it is unlikely that manufacturers will save such expensive material.