Smart pajamas will control the owner's sleep (4 photos + video)

Effective sleep promotes proper rest.and reduces the load on the nervous system. Meanwhile, a sleep disorder that occurs in 42% of people can cause various diseases, including Alzheimer's disease. Laboratory tests are used to diagnose insomnia, but they are expensive and time consuming.

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Scientists from the University of Massachusetts decided thisPhyjama smart pajamas, able to monitor various physical characteristics of their host (heart rate, pressure change, and even movement of a person during sleep), have developed the problem. The design of "smart" sleepwear is simple. A board equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter is attached to one of the buttons. On the surface of the standard pajamas, five thin polymeric flaps are attached, connected to each other and a “smart button” with silver-plated nylon threads sewn into the fabric. Information from sensor patches is transmitted to a button and then via Bluetooth to a smartphone or laptop.

The material of the sensory fabric is washable,mechanical damage and does not cause inconvenience to the user. A rough estimate of the cost of smart pajamas - from 100 to 200 dollars. It is planned to begin mass production within 2 years.