Smart paint turns any plane into a touch surface (video)

Modern technology will offerFantastic solutions that greatly simplify many familiar household operations. Using the new sprayed paints created by scientists from the MIT Laboratory of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAIL) of the Massachusetts University of Technology, you can abandon the usual control panels or switches, since any surface can turn into a touch panel.

So using SprayableTech technology,proposed by American researchers, you can not look for a remote control from the TV, and turn on the device simply by clicking on the arm of the sofa, which is coated with a special smart paint.

The principle of the invention is to usespecial spray ink. The pattern created using such a spray works on the principle of a microcircuit. The image is connected using flexible contacts with a microcontroller, which, in turn, sends commands to the devices from touching the picture. The appearance of the picture can be anything - it is limited only by the imagination of the author.

For example, you can create a protective barrier by coveringsuch a paint the floor surface. When clicking on any place, a signal is generated that includes an alarm. You can also spray paint on the surface of park benches, which will turn on the lighting only when people are sitting on it.

The inventors hope that the use ofsmart paint is useful for use in public places of smart cities and interactive homes of the future. Engineers work in partnership with artists and architects, and also attract street makers of wall graffiti.

Source: Thenextweb